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B2b Vs.B2c Marketing Differences

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Essay title: B2b Vs.B2c Marketing Differences

B2B vs. B2C Marketing

Marketing differs between business to business and business to consumer in a few different ways the main one is the emotional experience of the buyer. The marketing programs are the same, which includes: events, direct marketing, internet marketing, advertising, public relations, word of mouth and alliance. The difference is how each marketing program is executed, what is said in the program, and the outcome.

Business to Business or B2B marketing and Business to Consumer or B2C marketing follow different rules but the outcome is still to sell the product or service to who needs or wants the item. Below is a listing of how the marketing needs to think to market to the target group they are after.


Relationship driven

Maximize the value of the relationship

Small focused target market

Multi-step buying process, longer sales cycle

Brand identity created on personal relationship

Educational and awareness building activities

Rational buying decisions based on business value


Product driven

Maximize the value of the transaction

Large target market

Single step buying process, shorter sales cycle

Brand identity created through repetition and imagery

Merchandising and point of purchase activities

Emotional buying decisions based on status, desire, or price

B2C sites are colorful, animated, and have lots of graphics. Sales are very visible so they are noticed. Websites for B2C sites need to be very user friendly so consumers can navigate easily, in a standard layout which has a shopping cart in the upper right corner and a menu on the left side of the page. Promotions bring extra consumers to the site. In a B2B website the layout is plain, not too colorful or too many graphics, and with links to other businesses.

The goal of marketing in a B2C website is to get consumers to go from shoppers to buyers as swiftly and as often as possible. In a B2B website the goal is to get prospective consumers into customers, this action is longer and more involved than in B2C. Relationship building and communication are key items in a B2B website.

Marketing campaigns in a B2C have shorter duration and need to capture interest immediately. Campaigns have special deals, coupons, or vouchers that can be used online or in a brick and mortar store if one exists for that business. In a B2B campaign there is a longer duration, generate leads that turn into sales, and educate the target market about the product or service. Sales for a B2B is more involved and usually involves more than one person, most B2C sales are quick and decisions are by one person.

Buyers differ so the marketing needs to differ. A buyer for a consumer site are looking for the best price and will research the competition prior to shopping, a buyer needs to trust the company even if one site has a lower price if the buyer does not trust they will buy from a different site. A buyer for a business site is sophisticated and understands the product very well. A business buyer is making the decision to make their company more profitable, competitive and successful.

Customer service is not consider marketing but consumers want excellent customer service from whom they buy products or services and if that excellence is not delivered than all the marketing in the world will not change the consumers mind to buy that product or service from you. This issue is true for both consumers and businesses alike.

Brand is also important to marketing a product, again there

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