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Essay title: Beethoven

Symphony No. 5 was a famous piece written and composed by Ludwig van

Beethoven. Beethoven’s life was at creative height when this piece was composed.

Although Symphony No.9 would later become his most popular composition the first

movement of Symphony No.5 is widely known as it connects the listener to Beethoven’s

ideals of music. Its strong sounds exude the composer’s ability in not only his genre but

today as well. His musical abilities were developed at an early age and were utilized to

support his family. His talents as a young pianist were recognized by many, namely,

Mozart, who predicted that he would become a great composer. Ironically, Beethoven

would later be compared to such composer’s as Mozart and Haydn. Beethoven’s ability to compose such a dramatic, unique piece as Symphony No. 5, clearly illustrates his ability to introduce ideas of music that have never been heard nor felt before. Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 exemplifies his musical maturity through distinctness, emotion, and influence.

A notably distinct feature of Beethoven’s Symphony No.

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