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Bsn Nursing

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Essay title: Bsn Nursing

There are many ways my BSN will apply to health care. First, it has broadened

my whole perspective of how many different fields of nursing you can go into with a

higher degree such as being a manager of a unit, pharmaceutical sales, or even going on

to practice as a NP. Almost all unit and clinical managers all have their BSN’s. I highly

respect them because it takes a lot of time and effort to go on to get a higher degree, when

you do not have to. I believe that BSN nurses have a broadened view on the patients plan

of care. It makes you consider smaller pieces of care that may be overlooked such as

cultural considerations or even as simple as communication. With a BSN, you have a

better opportunity for job offerings and opportunities. Most other health care workers

look up to nurses who have BSN’s because they know that you did not have to get a

Bachelor’s degree to be a nurse. Therefore, I feel that BSN nurses are more highly


I have learned many important things in this BSN program to further my

knowledge in the field of nursing. Leadership and management are the two most

important pieces I think that will benefit me in the future. I have learned how to use

effective communication, and how to be a good listener. I also learned how to resolve

conflict and how to implement new decision making processes. One major piece that

really broadened my views on nursing was nursing theories. I never knew there was so

many nursing theorists and all of their theories are very useful in nursing practice each

day. I really enjoyed Martha Rogers and Florence Nightingale just to mention a few.

One other major debate we had was “Is nursing a profession?” I think we still go on to

this day to debate this issue. Nursing research was also very helpful. I now know how to

critique a research article and the applicability it has to health care.

Each day I practice as a nurse, I use all very important skills and knowledge that I

learned in the BSN program. Working in the ER and discharging people home each day,

I am aware of more follow up programs that patients can take advantage of. I have also

used my computer skills at work for looking up different illnesses plans of care, and I

have really improved my skills on the computer with power point. I recently did a

continuing education class on trauma, and it was very easy for me to pull together

information and piece it together on a power point presentation. As far as my clinical

learning plan and change project, I feel it is going to tremendously benefit other nurses as

well as the patients each day at work. In comparing myself to a nurse with an associate’s

degree, I feel that I look more at the whole picture of nursing than just at the patient.

There are many political roles I have also acquired while in the BSN program such as

being in-charge of the unit, and by simply delegating more duties to workers under me

such as nurse aides. My communication skills have definitely improved and I have

learned to be a better listener and how to effectively get my point across using a calm


Having my BSN will help to serve

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