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Essay title: Nursing


From the time I can remember I have been inspired by my

mother and my Aunt Michelle to enter the medical field. The moment I

decided to become a nurse was when my grandmother died in 2002 from

Diabetes and stomach cancer. Her death inspired me to want to help in the

aiding of the individuals who needed it. The medical field is one of the

biggest growing fields in this country, and it’s a profession that can

provide you with a financially stable frame of living.

As a child I watched the fulfillment and stability that nursing

provided for my Aunt Michelle. Nursing can provide you with many diverse

options, such as traveling for nursing traveling agencies, home care

facilities, clinics, hospitals settings, schools, prisons, and physician offices

. You could go anywhere, work with adults, and children, I found that

nursing could be what ever I would want to make it people need

nurses in all aspects of life Nursing although challenging, will provide

me with a sense of completeness. The knowledge and skills that you are

able to obtain are helpful in everyday life

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