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Business Plan for Event Photography

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Essay title: Business Plan for Event Photography

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Prepared: 4/30/01

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Contact: Jesse Ward, Manager

►Ward's Event Photography◄

This business plan is the property of WEP and contains proprietary information. This document cannot be reproduced, copied, or otherwise shared without the written consent of WEP.


0.0 Table of Contents

0.0: Table of Contents

1.0: Executive Summary

2.0: Company Overview

Market Opportunity Explanation

Legal Form of the Business

Company Location


Growth and Financial Objectives

Manager Information

3.0: Market Analysis


Analysis of the Industry

Target Market/Customer Profile


4.0: Service Offering




Competitive Comparison

5.0: Marketing Plan

Customer creation and retention





6.0: Financial Plan and Analysis

7.0: Cost Assumptions

1.0 2.

Ward's Event Photography Business Plan

Executive Summary

Ward's Event Photography (WEP) is a small business that provides photography services (with a focus on weddings) to clients looking for high quality, fair price, and great service.

WEP is organized as a sole proprietorship, with Jesse Ward as the owner and sole employee. He does all the photography for the events as well as taking reservations, purchasing equipment, and doing the business' books.

Jesse Ward will be contributing his own capital to the business for start-up costs, and has secured financing from several other sources, but will still need $10,000 in start-up costs.

This business will be run from Howard, Colorado.

To start, WEP's marketing plan will focus on advertising in local areas like Salida, Caсon City, Buena Vista, and Leadville. The advertising will emphasize WEP's lower price, its quality, and its high value to people who need event photography done, such as wedding planners and birthday party organizers.

There are several competitors in the local area WEP will target, but these competitors, being better established and having retail locations, will charge more than WEP plans on charging. Also, some of these competitors, like Colorado Whitewater Photography focus only on certain types of event photography, such as white water rafting, and don't provide the quality nor price WEP will. There is an opportunity to enter the market and succeed where these other competitors are lacking.

1.0, continued 3.

Ward's Event Photography Business Plan

WEP's vision is to provide the best photography services to people who want their special events captured and recorded for posterity at the best price and with the best value. Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Vacations, and Reunions will be WEP's forte. Anyone with any photography service need will be able to utilize WEP's services, however. For example, baby, engagement, and special request photography

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