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Candy Chromatography

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Essay title: Candy Chromatography

Candy chromatography

My experiment is called candy chromatography. This project is mainly about the colors that are mixed with other colors to make candy markers Koolaid and much more. I think that only the color of the candy is going to show up on the coffee paper. I think that threw the entire experiment the color in the candy is going to show up the entire time. I think this is going to happen because most of the colors are solid colors.

The material and equipment used was a sample of candy such as M&M’s, skittles, and Reese’s pieces. Set food colors for comparison. Filter paper or coffee filters. 0.1% salt solution {1/8 tsp salt in 3 cups of water}. Clear plastic 9 oz cups. Blow dryer. Also you will need some toothpicks and small {1 oz} plastic cups. This are the materials and equipment we used for this experiment .the objective of the experiment is to use the technique of paper chromatography to show that it can be used to separate from each other in a mixture. To understand the principles of paper chromatography.

The procedure for this experiment are:

1. Put 4 candies of the same color in a cup.

2. Add 5 or 6 drops of water.

3. When the white color of the candy comes out, remove and discard the candy.

4. Add 4 more candies of the same color. (Do not add more water).

5. Again, remove the candy when the candy is all white.

6. Repeat with three more colors of the candy the exact same way.

7. Put six small spots, 2 centimeters above from the edge of coffee filter paper

8. Put 1 centimeter of salt water {1/8 tsp salt in 3 cups water} in the vessel.

9. Place the coffee filter paper with upside down and making sure that the spots are not touching or below the water level.

10. Allow the water to rise on the paper until it is about a centimeter from the center of the paper.

11. Remove the paper from the vessel and use a hair dryer to dry the paper. This are all the procedures for this experiment.

While the experiment was taking place first it would not come out right. About the first three times the experiment did not come out right. Finally the fourth time the experiment was successful.

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