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Kevin Brooks - Candy

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Essay title: Kevin Brooks - Candy

Kevin Brooks’ compelling novel ‘Candy’ delivers us with a fast-moving, coming-of-age romance. Brooks has developed an irresistible novel to cater to all ages.

Joe Beck is obsessed with Candy. But Joe's Candy is not a confection. Candy is a girl. And she is not your average teen. Candy holds secrets and lives a dark world. Little does Joe know, but once he becomes entrapped in Candy's world, his life will never be the same.

The story is centred around the lust of two teenagers, Joe Beck and Candy. Joe is a fifteen-year-old suburban schoolboy, who finds himself lost on the way to a doctor’s appointment in London. He crosses eyes with a beautiful and seemingly innocent girl leaning in a doorway of a building. At first it appears to be your regular boy-meets-girl scenario. They sit down for lunch together and she reveals nothing about herself except a phone number. Joe and Candy’s momentary flirtation develops into a perfect day at the London Zoo a week later. As the bitter truth about Candy’s dangerous world of drugs, violence and desperation emerges, Joe finds

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