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Character Analysis of Fluer Pillager

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Essay title: Character Analysis of Fluer Pillager

Fleur Pillager 1

Character Analysis of

Fleur Pillager

Fleur Pillage is the most extraordinary character in this story. She is not only physically powerful, but also spiritually strong. She is strong willed and resolute to live her life as she wants to. She never listens to the town or tribal gossip about her and let it repress her. People pretty much stay out of her way because she is extremely diverse. They are too afraid to try to understand her or get to know her. Her life force is drawn from the milieu. Her spirit seems to be analogous with nature. The immense energy of nature is a mystery and Fleur seems to have some power to control it, this also make her an ambiguity. The two traits that I most admire about her are the fact that she is an enigma and that she has a supernatural amount of patience.

Mystery has always surrounded her. She has lived alone most of her life which is uncommon for a women of her age and from that time period. The people of the town did not believe that she lived alone. They always thought that she was a mistress to the monster of the lake or cursed by it. Some think that the monster wants her. This theory is established in the two drowning incidents. There is an incredible amount of paradox in this situation when people try to save her life but eventfully wound up taking her place.

She reminds me of a tiger, in that the tiger is described as having a breathless amount of patience when stalking its prey and always waits until its prey is in the most vulnerable position. This trait is shown in her skill to play cards. In each game that she played she would start with a dollar and end up with a dollar. The coincidence of her luck and the

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