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Church-State Controversy

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Essay title: Church-State Controversy

Church-State Controversy

There are many social issues present today that affect out lives in more than one way. Social issues range from family-related, church related and politics to abortion and state affairs. The specific social issue I’m going to concentrate on in this report is Church-State related. It is mainly focused on the teaching of Evolution and Creationism in public schools, and why there is so much conflict.

For many years there has been conflict in this category that has caused issues for schools and families. Many people believe that evolution should be the only subject taught in public schools because it is science related, while others believe that Creation should also be able to be taught as a secondary belief to our existence, although it is based on the religion, Christianity.

NCSE, “National Center for Science Education”, is one of the many organizations defending the teaching of evolution in public schools. One of their overall goals is to also completely remove the teaching of Creationism from the classroom. They believe that Creationism, also known as “Intelligent Design”, is wrong for the classroom and should remain church-related. This creates huge conflict between the Church and the State.

Another organization known as “Worldview Education” is completely controversial to NCSE’s opinion. They are trying to provide the rights and materials for education about religion in school, regardless of the Church-State conflict that is caused by the decision. Worldview Education exclaims that they provide resources for understanding the controversial issues over the social movement to include “Intelligent Design” or “Creationism” in the curriculum for public school science classes. To many, the issue resides over to competing scientific concepts, or

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