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Climate and Food of Greece

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Essay title: Climate and Food of Greece



Greece has a climate all its own. Greece has fairly warm temperatures all year round and

is very nice to live in…well according to the climate. Greece is located in Europe, next to

Italy, on the Mediterranean Sea. It is theoretically possible for it to snow in Greece, but it

is very, very rare to see. Though it may seem like a nice place to live with it being warm

and on the ocean and all But Greece is surprisingly very dry due to its long summers of 4


Here is what the average daily temperature is like in Athens (Fahrenheit):

January: 55

February: 57

March: 60

April: 68

May: 77

June: 86

July: 92

August: 92

September: 84

October: 75

November: 66

December: 58

Crops and Food Grown in Greece

There are many crops grown in Greece due to the fact that all parts of Greece are no more

then 90 miles from the sea. The excessive summers and the combination of the nearby

sea makes Greece and extremely habitable place for crops and plants.

Many types of olives are grown in Greece, some include:

Amfissa: Black and round with a nutty-sweet taste, from the mainland

Green: Large and crunchy with a mild flavor, found on various islands

Cracked Green: Made by cracking unripe green olives, placing them in water for several weeks to remove their bitterness, then storing them in brine

Black: Small, wrinkled, dry-cured olives with very strong flavor from the island of Thassos.

About 30 percent of the land area is workable, the remainder of the land consists of

shrub or forest. Only in the plains of Thessaly, Macedonia, and Thrace is cultivation

possible on a large scale. Here corn (maize), wheat, barley, sugar beets and tobacco

are grown. Greece is a major provider of tobacco.

How Greek Foods fit into Canada’s Food Guide

Greek Foods fit into Canada’s food guide very nicely. Greece has everything except that it’s not in large quantities due to their country’s size. They have fruit, vegetables. Cheese, meat (fish mostly), herbs and spices, and many desserts including baklava. So Greek foods have everything Canada does except in a wider variety and styles.

Mountains of Greece

Greece has an extremely good variety of mountains on which it snows regularly, including:

Name Altitude Geographical department

Antichassia 1.424 Thessalia


2.033 Macedonia

Avgo (Northern Pindos)

2.177 Macedonia

Avgo (Southern Pindos) 2.148 Thessalia

Chelidona 1.975 Central Greece (Sterea)

Delidimi (2) 2.163 Thessalia

Dikti 2.148 Creta

Dirfi 1.743 Evoia


1.748 Central Greece (Sterea)


2.227 Peloponnese

Falakro 2.232 Macedonia


1.351 Attiki


2.510 Central Greece (Sterea)

Grammos 2.520 Epirus

Hadji 2.038 Thessalia


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