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College Essay

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Essay title: College Essay

College Essay

Have you ever gone a summer without sleep? If you haven't, let me tell you this is not a very easy thing to do. Especially when you know that all your friends are sleeping.

When my junior year ended I said to myself "Finally, some rest". But that was not the case. Walking home on the last day of school, I felt really happy, until I got home. As soon as I entered my house my mom had a smile on her face. I was surprised since she is normally mad for having to cock and be in the kitchen all day. As soon as I sat down she said, "The School Department called, you're hired". I was mad because I knew that I wasn't going to get the rest I planned on, but at the same time I was relieved because I knew that I would not have to ask my mom for money to buy stuff all summer.

I worked Monday through Friday, from 6:00 am to 2:00 pm as a janitor. On top of all that work I went to the school weight room to get ready for football season. After lifting ended, I went to football camp. This was a killer. Of the three sports that I play, football is the most intense, more so than wrestling and baseball. I'm a very active person, you will never find me watching T.V. or sitting around, I am always practicing to get better.

When I am not playing something I will go out with my friends. I like being around lots of people that I don't know so I can meet them. Having more friends never hurts. I am very outgoing. People know that when they go out with me they are going to have a good time. On other words I am the life of the party. For example, on a typical Saturday I will get asked to many places, like the movies, parties etc.

Even though I play around a lot, I always put school first. Doing my work is most important to me. I had many chances to quit the summer job, and there were many reasons to quit. The schedule was too much and the job was very demanding. I had to carry heavy boxes and clean a lot. But doing all that work I learned the reason why my mom is always mad. She cleans to much. And I found out how she has been feeling all this time.

My family I think is very unique. I have two brothers, one who attend Suffolk University and other works. My parents both work. At times I wish they didn't work because when I have games they don't go and see

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