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Color Perception After Viewing Emotional Media

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Essay title: Color Perception After Viewing Emotional Media

My idea, or rather, my question of interest is how does viewing emotional media affect color perception? Do colors have hidden emotional meaning and can we directly tie emotions onto colors?

The study of color recognition in sync with emotional state and visual attention as well as memory has been studied extensively in the past. To experiment and find whether violent media can actively affect the feelings towards colors compared to emotionally light, bright, happy media is something that takes the combination of studies previously done on perception, color perception, violence in the media, media, and emotionality. The question arises of whether a violent scene in a movie can affect one’s emotions to apply certain thoughts that differ not by each color, but by what program or scene has been introduced to a subject within a close amount of time before being presented with a questionnaire.

Often there is evidence that violence in the media can be a leading reason as to why our rate of violence in our country is continuously rising. The experiment that I am basically proposing looks to violent media and color perception to see how one deals with situations and how one attaches emotions to everyday things such as colors and shapes.

Colors are all around us. Most humans can see the various colors presented to us day-to-day. However it is interesting to understand what kind of emotions these colors can provoke within an individual. The experiment of which is being proposed lies on a large back pile of research and studies. However, this combines many different areas of which have been studied alone rather than together.

With the conclusion of such an experiment and the finality of research of previously completed studies and separate research it is hoped that there would be a better understanding of the connection between visual media and the emotions we later associate with them after viewing. This will bring better understanding to the affects of media and the recognition we have of everyday objects and how things like

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