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Company Research Essay

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Essay title: Company Research Essay

Company Research Essay


When it comes to hotels around the world, the Marriott Hotel is always mentioned with the best. This company is located all around the world with properties on 6 continents. Their incredible reputation makes this an outstanding business to work with endless opportunities of advancement. Because of the large amount of properties in the world employment is not a dilemma and the benefits for working at the Marriott are full for any full time employee. With this being said Marriott is a great company to work for and should be considered by anyone looking to make an excellent career choice.

With the option of working in three-thousand different places, or in 68 counties right in front of you, Marriott is a company of diversity. The CEO of Marriott Bill Marriott created a corporation that offers more than strictly hotels. There are apartment houses called the Marriott Executive Apartments, which are extremely elegant which makes it like living at home, but with hotel service. Marriott is one of the only hotel based companies that offer apartment complexes to business clients for a month or any ordinary individual to live at forever. This is also are great opportunity for any young chef wanting to work in a high class eatery which is only offered to the apartment residencies. Each apartment is backed by a staff of 10 house cleaners and maintenance men, and an exceptionally high-quality restaurant which is open seven days a week.

When it comes to vacation clubs around the world and top-notch hospitality, the Marriott Company at the top of the line. More than 300,000 people own a timeshare in the 48 premier sites that are offered. This opens up a massive amount jobs which gives any employee great work experience. By working for a vacation club you are eligible for shares in the company and receive all the benefits of a full time hotel employee. These benefits include: medical, dental, life and disability insurance, 401(K) retirement savings plan, continuing education/ tuition reimbursement, family programs and discounts on hotel rooms, food and beverage and ongoing training in the field. The timeshares and vacation clubs are a great starting

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