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Compare & Contrast Essay: Bmx Vs. Skateboarding

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Essay title: Compare & Contrast Essay: Bmx Vs. Skateboarding

Compare/Contrast Essay: BMX vs. Skateboarding

Since their creation, extreme sports have sparked controversy and arguments from both parents and legal personnel. These sports are specifically designed to be dangerous and risky for their participants, and often lead to injury. Although the point of these sports is unclear to some, it does not deter teenagers and young people from actively participating in them. One of the major arguments swirling about the extreme sport crowd is whether or not bicycle motocross, better known as BMX, is harder or easier than skateboarding.

BMX combines the age-old bicycle and new extreme sport flair. BMX is not limited to one area, as different facets of the sport exist in “street”, “dirt”, “park”, and “vert.” Tricks done on a BMX bike can be done both in the air and on flat ground. The tricks done on flat ground require a tremendous amount of balance, whereas the tricks done in the air require speed, strength, and stamina. Vert tricks require a great amount of speed and energy because the bike has to be lifted above the ramp, which is usually 20 feet high by itself, making the rider about 25 feet in the air. Points are scored in BMX competitions for linking together strings of tricks across ramps or dirt jumps. The more skill needed to do the tricks, the more they are worth in competition. BMX tricks allow you to go much higher and faster than other extreme sports. In general, BMX is a very competitive, strenuous, and active sport.

Skateboarding, as an extreme sport, uses a flat wooden board with four wheels to do extreme tricks. Skateboarding is done in a series of different styles, including “street”, “flatland”, “vert”, and “park.” Skateboard tricks require balance at all times, even

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