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Compare and Contrast Essay

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Essay title: Compare and Contrast Essay

Compare and Contrast Essay

Over half of the adults in America are overweight

Being overweight or obese affects your emotions

Obesity is the second leading cause of death of adults

1 out of 3 kids end up with diabetes

Kids who are in shape do not eat as much

They also perform better in school

They have more energy

Able to focus on tasks better than overweight kids.

Over the years America has become the most overweight country in the world. The times have changed, people used to run around and eat home-cooked meals every night. Now People drive most places and just grab something quick for dinner without thinking about if it is a healthy choice or not. This has affected America in more ways than most people think. The change in the size of the average American has changed greatly and it's becoming more noticeable. America is quickly becoming one of the dumbest countries in the world as well. You will notice that the countries that have been eating the healthiest over the years are also some of the most intelligent countries as well.

Over the years the amount of people that are overweight has grown so much that now over half of the adults are overweight. This is from not watching what they eat and eating healthy. Many just stop at a McDonald's or a Burger King on the way home from work. This is not only affecting the adults, kids are being affected as well. They are being affected even more than the adults because they already are becoming overweight and obese where adults didn't start to really gain weight

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