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Creative Writing

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Essay title: Creative Writing

I heard my alarm clock going off next to me. I turn over, reach my hand across all the empty cups and bowls on my nightstand and hit the snooze button. Today I am leaving to go on a cruise to Jamaica and I know that I probably need to get up now to make it to my boat on time. I don’t exactly know what time it is and I don’t really care either so I tell myself that Ill just lay there a little longer. As I lay here in my bed I can’t go back to sleep so I decide to get up. I go to the pile of clothes on my floor and pick a pair of gym shorts up. I slip them over my boxers and turn to look in the mirror. I was starting to realize that my body was looking toner than ever. My skin was the color brown that most girls dream of and my hair had gotten a lighter brown from the sun bleaching it. Track was doing what I wanted it to do, making me look better. I pick up my deodorant, rub it on and then grab a granola bar, half eaten from last night and stick it in my mouth. I look around my room, only to find that it needed to be cleaned. I had school papers strewn everywhere, clothes that needed to be taken to the laundry room, and a couple pairs of shoes around and about. My bed wasn’t made and I wasn’t planning on making it before I left. I wondered to myself if my life could get any messier than this? I decide I would go downstairs to eat some breakfast. As I open my door, my dog Dollar flew in, jumped up on my bed, and curled up next to my pillow. Dollar was my black lab puppy, about two months old and a big baby. I decide I wouldn’t mess with him and continue walking out of my room and down the steps. I met my mom half way down; she smiled at me told my good morning and that breakfast was sitting on the table. As she walks by me, I got a big whiff of Gain and realized she had my clothes in her hands. When I reach the living room I squint my eyes because the sun was pouring in from every direction. As I got closer I could smell the aroma from the food; it smells like Waffle House. Sitting on the counter when I walk in were pancakes, bacon, eggs, sausage, grits, and to top it off, freshly squeezed orange juice. I saw our maid, Lucia standing over the sink washing dishes. She quickly realizes I had walked into the room and sat me down immediately. She serves me with a smile, good morning, and a hot plate of food. As I ate, I thought to myself that I would miss this place while I was gone. I would miss the smell of my house but most of all, all my stuff. My mom interrupts my thoughts as she tells me that Julie called last night but didn’t tell me because I had come in late. I knew for a fact she had called because she called my cell phone too but I didn’t answer because I was with the guys and the guys come before her. My mom tells me that I need to call her back because it sounded pretty important.

If you’re wondering, Julie is my girlfriend. We have been dating on and off for about two years now and I think she might be the one. She is the only one that I would settle down with and I’ve had a hard time doing that. All the girls at school want to be with me but Julie is the only one I know is real. She’s very beautiful, not only on the outside but the inside too. She had brunette hair down to her shoulders, green eyes, and a smile that will make you melt. She has a heart of gold and anybody and everybody comes before her. She plays basketball, softball, and runs track with me. We met during our tenth grade year of basketball season. She had made this awesome half court shot and I complimented her on it after the game and we just started talking.

So I sit here and continue to eat and about the time I am almost done my dad walks through the kitchen in his suit with his brief case in his hand. I try to get away from him but as soon as he saw me he starts the whole “responsibility talk”. I’m going to be missing a week of school and he doesn’t think it’s a good idea to be going. You see, I’m not doing so well in school right now and I’m close to not being able to graduate. I try to explain to him that I have 4 months to pull my grades up but he still insists I stay here. He and I both know that I’m irresponsible which reminds me that I haven’t even gotten my work for this week that I’ll be gone. Oh well, I’ll get it when I get back. As I was sitting here thinking about all this, I realized that my dad was still talking and I didn’t really want to hear what he had to say so I grab my plate, put it in the sink, and start walking back upstairs. On my way up there I grab the phone to call Julie back. She told me that she wouldn’t be able to meet me to say bye but she loved me and would miss me. I head toward the shower after that, turn on the music and get in. Just as I am washing the shampoo out of my hair, my mom knocks on the door and told me that I need to leave within

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