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Crime and Punishment

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Essay title: Crime and Punishment

The greatest difficulty in my life that I have ever faced was the relationship I once shared with a boy I cared for. As a young infatuated girl, I thought we were going to be always together. Since I believed I would always be with him, I accepted whatever happened to me. During the relationship, things had completely changed after we were together for four months; he began to be abusive more and more often. His suspicions and paranoia intensified when I entered high school and I tried to make friends. This caused him to literally cut me off from contact with the rest of the world. His fear of losing me grew as time went on. I was estranged from my family because I was never home and I was no longer close with my friends because he always managed to find a reason for me not to be with them. The actions that he took against me were things that no one should ever experience in a "loving" relationship. Did his exerting his anger on me help? No, it did not because there was an endless amount of anger to be taken out on me.

The most frightening moment came about during an argument; I was flung onto his bed and he went on top of me. At this point, I closed my eyes and anticipated the worst. He pinned me

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