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Critical Thinking Essay

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Essay title: Critical Thinking Essay

Critical Thinking Essay

December 16, 2006

The disease of addiction captivated me like a kid at a carnival. Once inside everything was not what it seemed. Bright lights, bells, and whistles beckon my beating heart with the promise of fun and excitement. The pungent aromas of over indulgence make the stomach flip with anticipation. The thundering sounds of wood against metal echo in the distance assuring a memorable rollercoaster ride.

Beginning with games of chance, the adventures begin. Chance after chance, throw after throw, the milk bottles will not fall. The basketball so small in my hand, enlarges as it caress' the rim. No matter how steady my aim, my balloon will not burst with each water gun I try. I am always a step behind the kid with the cotton candy smile.

Broke and dejected without the prize, I'm off to the Merry-Go-Round. The colorful mosaic tile and enchanting mythical creatures do little to take my find off the fact that I'm going in circles, always winding up right back where I started. However, the adrenaline builds as the line shortens for that rush that has been missing. My heart quickens with each clank, clank, and clank of the metal chain pulling my wooden carriage to its peak. Finally, the descent is fast and furious with the realization that I have no control. Up and down, jerking left and right I begin to pray that I do not heave every morsel that I savored, as my stomach enters my chest. Coming to a grinding halt, the thought enters my mind; was it worth it.

I slow things down with a solo trip through

the Tunnel of Love, where an uneasy calm waits. Dark, quiet, and alone, the water gently rocks my boat as the feelings of isolation and withdrawal allow me to entertain the possibility of living a life of loneliness. Self reflection leads to a House of Mirrors where every view of me is distorted. Every turn I begin to see someone that I barely recognize.

The final stop is the Ferris Wheel. I take a seat and slowly rise with intermittent stops as others get off and on. Reaching a peak, I can finally see a world beyond the amusement park and fantasy world that so enticed me. Rotating 360 degrees forward then backward, fast and then slow, as my cradle rocks precariously with each wind, I realize that I have no control. At the controls is some unknown entity. The disease of addiction took me on an adventure like a kid at a carnival. My gratitude for the adventure began, when my ride came to a stop.

Language is the art of communicating thoughts. Communicating ones thoughts is defined as an art because no matter what medium is employed; whether oral, written, or physical, those thoughts are open to interpretation. Therefore, language becomes open to interpretation. The language used to communicate thoughts is learned. From infancy one develops a language to communicate sensory and emotional feelings. When a child is covered in blankets and becomes hot; the child may cry or kick the blankets off. If the child cries and one picks the child up until he/she stops crying and then places the child back under the blankets, then that becomes misterpretation. Eventually the child will kick the blankets off signaling their discomfort. Emotionally, communicating feelings is learned through the same process based on interpretation. When a child is frightened and covered in blankets, one may pick the child up until he/she stops crying, and then lay the child down removing the blanket. The child may cry again communicating ones misinterpretation of the discomfort.

"Infants spontaneously babble, making many sounds not found in their culture, and then at about ten months they begin to match their sounds to their language environment. In short, the brain is prepared to receive any language, but that language must be learned." (Kirby, G. & Goodpaster, J., 1999, Ch. 5, p.5)

The learning process continues as a consensus is developed on the language used to express those thoughts. That consensus comes from ones learning environment. The more diverse the learning environment becomes, the greater the range of experiences to draw from increasing ones ability to communicate effectively. The critical thinking process is based upon drawing on those experiences. The diversity of the learning environment determines the scope of ones ability to think critically and the language used to communicate effectively.

The language used to communicate or express thoughts is empowered or limited by the diversity of the learning environment. A learning environment develops perceptions, beliefs, values, and the language used to communicate them. All forms of communication are open to interpretation; however, the spoken language may be the most limited. Someone who speaks multiple languages is empowered with the ability

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