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Critical Thinking and Language Essay

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Essay title: Critical Thinking and Language Essay

Critical Thinking and Language Essay

The importance of language is immense, as it is believed that the more languages that one knows, the more he or she is capable of. Language is used to communicate by speaking, listening, reading and writing although none of these come close to the most important aspect of language. Language allows us as human beings to think. With language out of the picture one would not be able to think critically or communicate with each other. In other words there would not be much separating us and animals, humans would be animals. What people believe makes up much of who they are and what is important to them. In my own personal life, the most important thing is my wife. The metaphors I have put together are to better describe the importance of my wife by relating the information to something everyone can understand. My wife is like an American muscle car. When I first looked at her, she was the most beautiful thing I had seen. Since then she has became more beautiful with time, the longer she has been around the more beauty I seen. People usually do not have a good friendship with their husband or wife, but the relationship I have with my wife is like that of two best friends. She is the person I want to hang out with no matter what we are doing. She has always been there for me in every aspect of my life, much like a best friend. Many times my wife is like art; sometimes I do not understand what emotions are present but always professional and loved. My wife is also like a light. She can brighten a room or smile just by being herself. Lastly I have to describe my wife as a roller-coaster. Oftentimes she can be a little rough and wild, but always a wonderful ride. I believe that what people spend time thinking about and what they use to describe parts of their life metaphorically can give information into a person’s soul.

Is it evident that high school students are limited in expression as well as thought? They would not have the same vocabulary that a graduate would have. If a high school student were to enhance his or her vocabulary, he or she would be able to participate in higher level discussions. This is an example of how language affects one’s ability to think critically. The reading this week stated that “language is the software that allows our brain to think the way it does; a brain without language is like that field without seed or a car without gas, all potential and no performance”(Kirby and Goodpaster, 1999).

Language diversity is a key factor in critical thinking. Earlier, language was referred to as software for the mind. Sticking with that metaphor; when one downloads additional software onto a computer, the computer can do more actions more efficiently. Language is much the same when one has a more extensive language the more critical the individual can think. Without language on one’s side, one cannot think or even give meaning to things around him or her. The more that one knows in a particular language the more detailed and critical the thinking.

Stated in the reading this week, “if language is the mode in which our mind understands the world, and if metaphors

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