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Crtitical Thinking & Language Essay

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Crtitical Thinking & Language Essay

Our eyes met across the crowded lawn and instantly the dark clouds parted sending rays of light over his hard chiseled body. His steel arms, charcoal hair, and stealth waist made my knees buckle beneath me. All other sounds ceased and a peaceful melody played inside my soul as we slowly began to make our way toward one another. The unspeakable power of his eagle eyes cut into the dark depths of my soul. The tender touch between us sent shards of electricity through my receptive body. A jolt of excitement sent my thoughts soaring to the cold dark depths of despair. The monster of my heart opened the floodgates of past memories painfully stretching the uncultivated areas of my heart. His tender touch began to unravel the secret stranded within. Mending of our wounds began as two bodies entwined in unbridled love beneath a molten moon. The eternal strength of two hearts sealed with the offering of a single ring placed upon her left hand.

Thought and language diversity is at the core of the human experience. Are we smart because we have language or do we have language because we're smart? Does the way we talk influence the way we think? Do people who speak different languages think differently? How about people who speak more than one language or those who cannot speak any language? The answers to these questions may be complicated but we can try to make sense of them by using critical thinking.

The importance of language is immense; I believe that the more languages we know, the more we are capable of. This capability is largely associated with the ability to understand things that others ordinarily wouldn’t. Quite naturally speaking, it is evident to me that individuals who are limited in spoken languages tend to be limited in their perceptions. Imagine an athlete who must develop and apply the skills necessary to enter the winner’s circle. A thinker must do the same to become accomplished in consistently seeking and employing reasoned ways which lead to optimal outcomes.

A critical thinker becomes familiar with the objectivity, reasoning, and sound judgment

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