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Death Penalty

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Essay title: Death Penalty

The Death Penalty has many issues with people. Some people consider it to be cruel as others don't. Some people consider it not necessary as others do. Some people consider that even though this person kill someone anyone that considers this punishment to them are just the same as them because they are killing the person. This is a matter of opinions and will most likely always be debated.

The Death Penalty was first issued around the colonial times of the United States. After many complicated legal situations the Supreme Court declared the death penalty unconstitutional in 1972 because it violated the Eighty Amendment's prohibition on cruel and unusual punishment. Still as of today it still is a problem in the Supreme Court. Statistics show that one in seven Death Rom inmates is innocent. Thirty eight states do some method of capital punishment including lethal injection, gas chamber, electrocution, and hanging. Lethal injection is the most common method of the Death Penalty. Over 900 executions have been carried out since 1976, with the state of Texas leading the nation.

People that oppose the Death Penalty consider that executing someone is the same as murder. They also say that many people are at risk, which is true because many people that were executed were actually innocent. Some people

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