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Dell Inc Case Study

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Essay title: Dell Inc Case Study

Executive Summary:

“Dell, Inc. and its subsidiaries engage in the design, development, manufacture, marketing, sale, and support of computer systems and services worldwide” (YahooFinance).

Dell recognizes that businesses are depending more and more on their information technology departments. Most frequently the strict challenges that Dell has faced by businesses impact not only the industry, but information technology as well. As a result, organizations must rely on professional service organizations that have both business and technical skills and the ability to execute within real life situations, this is Dell’s vision, and they plan to apply it by using their many years of experience.

Dell Professional Services consultants also develop their established line of attack and project management capability to appreciate industry objectives, Information Technology strategies, and design plans, by which are flexible to adapt to present environments and prepared to deliver the preferred outcome. As a result, the overall general objective of the Dell Corporation is to continue growing in its Information Technology strategies which will enable them to provide a generally better product and service to their clients and customers.

Buying from Dell will provide you with the latest advances in technology at respectable prices. Dell has all the software and accessories you need to setup your personal computer, including the following top name brands such as Microsoft, Canon, Iomega, APC and more. If it makes computing faster, easier, or better, Dell is what you’ve been searching for.

Dell proposes software from a network growth and design to games, security protection and education. Whether you'll use a digital camera to share photos with family and friends, or perform documentation for business reasons, Dell is the place to shop for the latest products.

Dell has a wide variety of monitors, projectors and linked items, including projectors for presenting your information in vibrant display. Specific examples such as sharing files among two or more rooms or even among many personal computers in your workplace, you are able to get connected with our wide variety of networking products and modems.

Dell stock is fairly priced, if not slightly overvalued. However, the Company keeps grabbing market shares, and the quarterly numbers continue to improve. Also, its financial strength has been excellent. Bottom Line: A great company richly priced. It’s worth holding but look somewhere else for better return

As far as the computer and peripherals industry; it has been a tough year for this industry. Companies have been postponing their information technology equipment spending until the economy is recovering.


Company mission statement:

"Dell's mission is to be the most successful computer company in the world at delivering the best customer experience in markets we serve. In doing so, Dell will meet customer expectations of:

• Highest quality

• Leading technology

• Competitive pricing

• Individual and company accountability

• Best-in-class service and support

• Flexible customization capability

• Superior corporate citizenship

• Financial stability

Core Competencies:

The reasons why Dell has such a strong position in the personal computer market are due to their core competencies, which are difficult for the competition to imitate:

• Online customer personalization of each computer built

• Minimize working capital in the production process

• High manufacturing and distribution quality - reliable products at competitive price.

-Dell believes the process which uses widespread computer components and is staffed by people with only basic training cannot be regarded as a core competence. Such a process is highly

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