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Dell Innovation

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Essay title: Dell Innovation

To be considered an innovative company, you need only to accomplish one task. This task is to introduce something new to your customers. Dell fits this description perfectly. Dell sits at the forefront of the computer industry and exemplifies this innovative approach in its functions of management. As noted in the other factors discussed within this paper, the management functions of planning, organizing, leading and controlling all exemplify the innovative approach of Dell.

We all try to live by some type of golden rule. The way Dell incorporates their version of the golden rule in their planning phase of management is unique and admirable. In a case study by Kotelnikov (2001), Dell indicates that the three golden rules used are disdain inventory, always listen to the customer, and never sell indirect. When these basic beliefs are incorporated into the early planning of a corporation, the results are astounding as shown by Dell. To look down upon a large inventory allows you to plan accordingly. Your plans will include methods to sell your inventory and therefore remain profitable. When you listen to your customers, you can plan for a future with those same customers. Computers are items that change daily and if your plans are based upon satisfied customers that come back again and again, you can gear your marketing towards those individuals. Lastly, when you plan from the beginning to eliminate an aspect of your business such as indirect sales, your customers will either buy into the concept or not. Whatever the case, Dell should be admired for remaining true to their golden rules. In addition, for this reason, they have been successful in their innovative approach.

Dell incorporates their innovative approach in their organizing phase by developing successful strategies. The time they take to reach out to their customers affords them the opportunity to organize and utilize their resources in such a manner that will add to their success. Organization is a natural extension of the planning phase. With Dell, these two go hand in hand and work together very well.

Leadership is function that can make or break a corporation. At Dell, they not only exemplify innovation, but they are led by an innovative leader. At Dell, the

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