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Dell - Functions of Management

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Essay title: Dell - Functions of Management

Functions of Management Paper

I work for Dell computer company and planning is extremely important. Since computer industry is changing so much and we are a global company it is very important to do the research and have a plan set in place to insure the profitability ad demand for our products. We do have many partnerships with other companies so it is imperative that have contracts in place in order to deliver best and newest technology as it is approved by FCC and released to the market.

Organizing is another very important part of our company’s successful operation. On average Dell sells 250,000 a day so precise organizing is what makes it possible for all operation to be smooth and customers to be happy. We do have a great executive and management team in place to make sure that everything is well organized.

Dell understands managing as leading that is why it is so great to work for them. I am taught by managers to lead my team because it as a more productive way of managing then just set goals and expect that they will be reached. In our company everyone tries to lead by example and help each other to achieve company goals.

At Dell we have a great control model. The issues are addressed right away so if you are not reaching your goals and appropriate action is taken. Usually it is coaching, finding the reasons for underperforming. If that does not help more strict corrective actions are taken including termination. In order for company to be successful it has to have a very strict control model that helps to address issues early enough, before they start causing a chain reaction of problems.

My supervisor spends a lot of time planning the promotions for Dell Direct Stores. He is responsible for the territory of USA. It is up to him to make sure that marketing team gets the feedback on advertising. He has to plan what kind of strategies we will us to increase the margin and revenue. My boss also plans rollouts of new products and has to make sure that it will be successful.

My supervisor is also a great organizer, because he has give feedback to executive team, so he has to make sure that he has everything in order and knows what is going on with his segment at all times. He is in charge of segment at Dell that generates 5 billion dollars a year in revenue and a billion dollars in margin. If he fails to make sure that everything goes as planned

he can hurt the company’s bottom line by a lot.

He is also a great leader, instead of telling me and other territory leads what he expects from us, he actually talks to us about what should we do or what ideas we have about how to achieve his set goals. I look at him more like at the leader and not like at the manager. I really enjoy working with him because he is always there for us if we have any problems or questions, and he welcomes suggestions and ideas. And the fact that he moved up from territory leads position into his current position because of his outstanding performance makes him a great leader.

Control that he has over his project is amazing. He knows how to make sure we all follow company

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