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Dell’s New Strategies and Techniques

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Essay title: Dell’s New Strategies and Techniques


Dell Inc. is the largest computer-systems company based on estimates of global market share. It is also the fastest growing of the major computer-systems companies competing in the business, education, government, and consumer markets. DellпїЅs product line includes Desktop computers, Notebook computers, Network servers, Workstations, and Storage products. Michael Dell founded the company based on the concept of bypassing retailers and selling personal computer systems directly to customers, thereby avoiding the delays and costs of an additional stage in the supply chain. Much of DellпїЅs superior financial performance can be attributed to its successful implementation of this direct-sales model.

Dell has been adored because it is the very model of a flat-earth, New Economy business. It takes orders directly from customers over the phone and the Internet, sources components around the world, and assembles and delivers them with a hyper-efficient supply chain. No one has gone as far as Dell. It's well known, of course, for nearly eliminating finished-goods inventory by cutting out resellers and connecting directly to customers. What's less known is, how

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