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Design a Universal Remote Control

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Essay title: Design a Universal Remote Control

If you were asked to design a universal remote control for a smart home please describe (with reasons) the design of the user interface.

Years ago setting up a remote control system for a home would have sounded like a thought out of a wild imagination. However, there are things that man has come up with today that have made the world stand up and take notice. Wiring a home or putting everything on remote control is something that will probably increase in popularity. The convenience that is offered through this is amazing, and technicians still work their way through details of how they could develop better systems for a remote control.

Designing a universal remote control is something that would allow one to encompass access to all devices in a home. There are several things to consider for this, and also several devices that come under consideration in devising a smart home plan.

Below are few of the points that may be made used of in order to piece together a system that could be operated by a universal remote control.

* An Intruder or burglar alarm, with several options

* Built in digital answering machine

* Fire (Smoke and heat) detectors

* Full Entertainment control

* Lighting control

* Remote access to the front door

* Telephone TV/FM and PC Data

* Automatic temperature control

In addition to these there are more tasks that one might to control through the Universal Remote Control. These include:


* Start washing in the machine

* Start draining

* Start drying


* Boil water

* Prepare coffee

* Star warming food in microwave

* Remove foods from refrigerator


* Set water temperature for shower

* Close windows and ventilators

* Fill bathtub

* Maintain bathtub water at particular temperatures.


* Switch one TV

* Switch on recorder

* Start recording favorite TV program

* Turn on dim lights

Passage and Entrance:

* Turn on Entrance light at dusk

* Turn on passage light at dusk


* Turn on heating apparatus

* Turn on dim lights in the bedroom

Considering the few features above, a system may be set in place that could be managed by the universal remote control. These features and functions may be controlled by anyone 16 years of age and over.

Each of the features would need to be timed in to the universal remote control, and only according to this timing would one be able to operate the device. Of course, one would have to know how to initiate and terminate operations individually and altogether as well.

In order to manage all operations to the greatest extent possible, there would have to be a number of functions on the universal remote control device.

User Guide:

Observing the figure above, it can be seen that the device is indeed a small and convenient one that can be easily accommodated in a person's pocket. However, it also needs to be protected and insulated well. No passwords must be saved on this device because it is possible for it to get lost. Losing it should not be anything serious to worry about, and this is because of the fact that it is just like a key to all you stuff at home with the major exception that only one person can operate it. This is in fact the biggest quality of it all.

Coming back to the use of the remote, it can be observed in the diagram

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