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Essay title: Universe


Our universe is a vast abyss, always expanding without any end. Many objects in space are exciting and interesting. One great mystery is the black hole. Ever since the early 1960 they have been the object of many scientists work. But has been talked about among great minds since 1783, when a astronomer named John Michell first recorded his findings of the black holes. Questions still surround these holes like what are black holes, how are they formed, and what happens if you were to go in one? Black holes are the mysterious dark regions of the universe. A black hole is an area of space made up of extremely dense matter in which everything is pulled in and nothing can escape, not even light.

Not many people think a black hole is bottomless. No one knows what happens if you were to be thrown into a black hole. The two most likely outcomes are you could be thrown into a different galaxy with (worm hole) the other is that you would be turned into matter by the force of a black hole.

All black holes are formed from

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