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Effects of Technology

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Essay title: Effects of Technology

An average person knows how much computers and the Internet have advanced our lives today. The advent of computers has brought many positive changes, life has become easier and better. Everyone uses computers to perform tasks such writing papers, gathering information, transacting business, learning and shopping. Despite all these positive attributes, technological advancement has brought with it many negative effects, especially with people’s heavy reliance on the Internet and computer games. These new inventions have led to a new disease experts are now calling “Internet addiction.”

The increased access and heavy reliance onto computer games and the Internet for many people today have led to many social problems. Obsessive computer use leads to addiction, which can lead to financial problems, broken relationships, physical and emotional problems.

In a recent survey by the University of Stanford many people admitted that the Internet has had a negative effect on their lives. However, because of the many benefits that Internet use brings, the idea of internet addiction is often overlooked and sometimes treated as a joke. On the other hand, “the very ingredients that make computers so addictive can be tremendous boons to a person’s life.”

In an online article by the University of buffalo it was stated the some proponents of computers believe that “Internet obsession may simply be a process of self-learning and identity, that shy people can learn to communicate with others on the net and then apply those acquired skills to real life situations.” While meeting people online can be fun, possibly resulting into friendship that can even lead to marriage, society must not ignore the fact that many children have been abused through such interactions. The United States Department of

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