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Element of People Management That Contribute to the High Performance

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Essay title: Element of People Management That Contribute to the High Performance

An essay about the analyse and evaluate a particular element of people management that contribute to the high performance

Today in the aggressively competitive market and fluid environment, employers of all kind of organisations are struggling to deal with discovering human resource, how to maintain people asset effectively and developing employee’s skills to capture success in the future. Comparing to 1980s last century when organisation’s target attached special importance to the quality products and services for the consumer. In the 1990s focused on of speed, so now in the 21st century it has been changing world of work which are flexible working arrangement, penetrated diversity, greater outsourcing and off souring(Leitschuh, 2005). In order to adapt with the new change, people management known as human resources management needs to figure out the answer for demands of shortage of people with right skills and how to improve job satisfaction and work life balance in the work place.

This essay concentrates on management at non-managers and all activities point out implementation of personal work. The effective people management plays a vital role to make an important contribution to the organisation success. In organisation the formal structure is divided base on division of purpose such as production, marketing, finance, research and development, division of product or service, division of location. Members of staff in different frame work related to each other therefore the role of people management is to conduct the relationship and interaction within different jobs of organisation. The more efficient the management of people is the more effective the organisation operates.

Accordingly the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development highlighted that: “people management represent the catalytic condition that combines other factors into a formula for high performance.” The high performance of people management mentions the rank of techniques that build up for the successful of organisation. Al-though different business departments require specific techniques, but overall it would be determined about common important elements such as:

• improving internal communications

• sickness absence management

• addressing work-life balance issues

• team-based working

• recruitment and retention

• training and development of non-manager

These elements above are quoted from the Improvement Network of the UK Government.

These elements are related to the demands for organisation framework which comprises organisation’s policies, procedures, ethical and legal issues. In order to build up the framework, the collation will be gradually implemented by both sides of employers and employees. This helps an employer is able to recruit, elect and conduct people toward organisation’s objective.

As many authors and theorist suggest an effective human resources management is the key factor for successful performance of organisation. Human resources management can be defined as a formal system in an organisation to ensure effective use of human talent to accomplish organisation’s goals (Mathis & Jackson, 2003). In the high level of organisational performance, the nature of human resources management is about planning, conduct and directs the most important asset of organisation. Otherwise the terminology people management emphasizes on what individuals contribute toward the working systems, organisational environment. That is not difficult to realize how important of human resources management is providing a significant support and vital resource for sustainable competitive advantage. By the way to strengthening the workforce management human resources management can create a valuable and successful performance (Hsuan Chen, 2001). In order to control the promoting performance and labour force management, managers need to emphasize several human resources management areas which are planning; equal employment opportunities; staffing; development; compensation and benefits; health and safety; management relation.

In the modern business investing in people is very important and more than that the role of managers is capable to help their staffs contribute their competences to capture the organisation objectives. There are some elements of effective people management such as people strategy, managing individual performance and high performance management. The high performance management contain a rank of techniques which improve the internal communication, work life balance, team-based working, effective

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