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Ethics Theories Table

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Essay title: Ethics Theories Table

When I began thinking about enrolling into college, I was sitting in my office at work, contemplating whether I should make the phone call. In my younger years, when people would ask me if I was in school, I would become irate because I thought that was not the only thing important in people’s lives. Now, I think differently and have become that person who asks others if they are in school! Being in college has helped me grow; I believe and think differently, now. Previously, I would jump to conclusions about certain things, or not think before doing things or speaking. School has taught me to be a better thinker and I believe I have learned many things, regardless of the books I read or papers I write. School is much more than just papers or reading; it is collaboration, learning from others, and enhancing skills. My skill level at the time I enrolled into Phoenix, I believe, was not terrible but became much more enhanced. My communication skills are what I believe became the most enhanced. When I first started, I was extremely nervous, even when speaking to others. Before, when I would research something on the Internet, I would take the first thing that came up and go with it. Now, I understand that the Internet is an enormous network in which anyone can create something and post it online. In other words, my research skills have improved tremendously since starting school. Presently, when I research, I do not believe the first thing I read; I assure and verify content matter so that I do not make errors.

a. Part Two: Evaluate the growth you experienced during your University of Phoenix program of study.

1) Evaluate how your courses and experiences in your University of Phoenix program have contributed to your growth, problem solving, written and oral communication skills, information retrieval and utilization, and collaboration.

a) Overall, my experience at University of Phoenix has helped me grow. Each class contributed to every step of the learning process. When attempting to solve problems or when collaborating, I realize now what I did not know then: I take my time instead of jumping to conclusions and I am more willing to be involved in teams.

2) Identify the

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