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Ethics Theory - Vicky Case

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Essay title: Ethics Theory - Vicky Case

Ethics Theory/ Vicky Green Case

Right to be Informed:

Since key personnel of other companies are certainly going to face the risk of losing their jobs if they decide to accept the K.I., Koke International, 50 percent raise, then Vicky must consider the key personnel’s right to be informed about the aftermath of such a decision. Wendy McGee, Vicky’s boss, has made it clear to her senior staff members that key personnel of the other five player companies will be fired once they finish training K.I. employees. Vicky must consider the fact that those key personnel have the right to be informed about K.I.’s future plan, which will affect their careers.

It was not clear whether the orders that Wendy passed to her senior staff members will be mentioned to the top corporate people or not. Vicky must acknowledge the right of those top people to be informed of what Wendy has in mind. It is her job to make sure that these corporate people are aware of all consequences since K.I. could face antitrust issues by going forward with such a plan. Vicky must not let such orders pass without informing these corporate people.

Do No Harm

Vicky must avoid harming the powerless versus harming the powerful. The powerless in this case are the other stores that are going to compete with K.I. in the New England states region. Vicky is in charge of coming up with a unique pricing strategy that will run the competitors out of business within an 18-month period. The other competitors’ stores are considered powerless when compared to the gigantic and powerful Koke International. Vicky must consider the harm that is going to affect the powerless stores, which will lead them to bankruptcy according to Wendy’s plan. Vicky must also consider harming many versus harming few. The many in this case would be employees of the other five major players in the region and the few are K.I.’s employees. If the plan is successful then K.I. becomes a monopoly in the region while the competitors go out of business leaving their staff unemployed. Therefore Vicky must be concerned about the harm that is going to affect the many left unemployed versus the harm that is going to affect the few at K.I.


Even though Vicky is considered a new employee at K.I., that should not stop her from striving to amend the company whenever there is an opportunity. Vicky must acknowledge the duty to her organization, which is the most central to the case. As an employee in a firm, Vicky must improve and lead her company to a successful and secure future. Therefore to secure the future of K.I., Vicky must be sure K.I. abides the law by not becoming a monopoly which could have catastrophic results such as a breaking up of the company. A lawful business could improve the company but only through a healthy competitive market.

Vicky must also take into account the duty to her boss, Wendy. First, Vicky must suggest that quick temper of Wendy’s be abolished because animosity between Wendy and her staff members may lead to a broader conflict. Also such behavior could lead the company as a whole to be less productive, because with Wendy’s quick temper it will be hard for staff members to share ideas. Sharing ideas between members of staff makes a company more successful.

Second, Vicky must stop her boss from leading the company into a conflict with the law. Since Wendy knows what consequences might face the company, then it is Vicky’s ethical duty to stop her boss from going through with such a plan. Also Vicky herself may be legally liable if it is ever brought to light that she chose not to oppose the plan.

Last but not least, Vicky must consider the duty to the future employees of the company. If the key personnel of the other firms accept the generous but wicked offer from K.I., then it is clear they are absolutely unaware of the potential consequences of their decision. Vicky has to make sure that the new employees know what the future might hold for them. Vicky must notify the new employees about the decisions made by Wendy in the senior staff meeting, which is the firing of those key personnel after they finish training other employees in the firm.

Analysis from an Egoist’s Point of View

From an egoist’s point of view there are several factors in the case that should be considered important to Vicky. Since Vicky is a new employee at K.I., from an egoist point of view Vicky needs to prove her self in the company by being persistent and in compliance with the company’s plans so she can keep her job.

As a new employee, Vicky also must establish her loyalty to the firm and to her boss. Since Wendy is known for firing people, then Vicky

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