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Exploring Specific Cultural Attitudes

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Essay title: Exploring Specific Cultural Attitudes

I was not surprised of my results from Exploring Specific Cultural Attitudes. I am very interested in individuals who come from different countries, who speak a different language and acts differently from me. One day, I would like to visit other countries. I visited Mexico when I was sixteen years old, and I was amazed how some of these individuals lived. For example, I noticed that there was no real running water, no shoes for the children and no toys for the children to play with. At that time, I really didn’t understand the money conversion there, and I felt the desire to buy these children some shoes. After I bought the shoes, I felt good inside by the smiles on their faces. I don’t feel uncomfortable in low income neighborhoods, because I live there too. I have friends from different races and cultures, and I learn a lot from them. I think interracial relationships or marriages are a good thing, because you get to learn about each others beliefs and cultural backgrounds.

In answering the responses for the five categories in the self-assessment, I was able to greet, accept, or help individuals in only three of those categories. However, I will need further background knowledge to fully help the individuals in all of the categories listed. The groups that I felt that I would have the most difficulty accepting were the IV drug users, child abusers, prostitutes, and alcoholics. Basically, I am hesitant to greet, accept, or help these individuals, and I cannot advocate for them. The issue that I am pressed with now is that often I am required to provide care for these individuals in my current job. When this happens, I have to set my own values and beliefs aside, recognize these people as patients, and understand that I cannot allow the perceived values of my patients to influence the way in which I care for them.

I best describe myself as a White American female who speaks Spanish, a mother of three, and currently separated. I am a Licensed Practical Nurse, as well as a student furthering my education to become a Registered Nurse. I am independent, middle-class, and moderate in my political views. According to my check marks, the most important values in my life are being a good mother to my children and being a good student. The advantages of the qualities that I have listed for myself in my personal and working life include good job opportunities and secure employment. I consider myself a hard worker

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