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Feminsim Vs Marxism

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Essay title: Feminsim Vs Marxism

2. Introduction to the topic you investigated.

The key subject for the integrative assessment is the family. As the family is the most important part of socialisation, beginning as soon as we are born right through to adulthood. It is the most crucial aspect of our lives as it shapes our norms and values within society. The topic that has been investigated is to what extend are children affected by divorce. The UK is the divorce capital of Europe, with around 40% of marriages ending in divorce, leaving as many as 1 in 3 children in Britain enduring the consequences of parental divorce or separation.

The graph below shows that in 2004 the number of divorces granted in the UK increased by 0.2 per cent to 167,116 from 166,737 in 2003. This is the highest number of divorces since 1996, and the fourth successive annual increase. This is 7.2 per cent lower than the highest number of divorces which peaked in 1993 (180,018).

Divorces (Includes annulments. Data for 1961 to 1970 are GB only)

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