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Footwear Industry Overview

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Essay title: Footwear Industry Overview

Industry Overview

The athletic footwear industry is a mature market. The size of the athletic footwear market is_( I donЎ¦t know what I did with this number but I cannot

find my sheet about this anywhere?? If I find it I will email it to you right awayЎKI am going crazy cause I donЎ¦t understand where it went..Hopefully you can fill this in, sorry). The athletic footwear market can be divided up into several market segments. The market segments are walking shoes, gym shoes, jogging/running shoes, cross-training, hiking boots, basketball, tennis, sport sandals, fitness, aerobic, and other. Athletic footwear can also be broken down into three larger segments after the previous segments. These segments are MenЎ¦s, WomenЎ¦s, and ChildrenЎ¦s. The top four market share holders in 2000 were Nike, Reebok, Adidas, and New Balance. The top four segments for segment mariket share in 2000 are Walking Shoes, Gym shoes, Jogging/running shoes, and cross-training shoes. The average price for athletic footwear is about forty dollars Canadian. However, there is wide price for athletic footwear. A general athletic shoe meant for walking and fitness tend to be on the lower end of the price range where as the more complex and specific the shoe is, such as cross-training shoes, are on the higher end of

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