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Freedom of Speech Commission Essay

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Essay title: Freedom of Speech Commission Essay

Recently, the Federal Freedom of Speech Commission has appointed me to their roster. Currently we are studying issues involving censorship; one of the most controversial subjects to date. Above all the censorship issues, probably the most noticeable is the V-Chip and movie-rating category. Censorship plays a very big role in society. This subject can be the very cause of evil or good, due to the urban genre and status quo of profanity, drugs, and sexuality. Basically censorship is important, to a point. Overall, this is the discussion of the “V-Chip and movie rating” controversy.

The V-Chip and rating category has been a conflict for a pretty long time. (Studies show a comment by President Clinton back in 1999.) In response to the cultural influences in television promoting violence, profanity, drugs, sex, etcetera, President Clinton asserted that the V-Chip; a chip allowing to prohibit channels due to content; be installed in all new television systems. So ultimately, Clinton was probably in favor of these limitations on freedom of speech. Another group of obvious people on the side of V-Chips and movie ratings would definitely be the upper generations known to the youth as parents and guardians. These people, along with Clinton, generally believe that the content in movies and television programs have a negative influence on the youth, justifying them being in favor of the chip and ratings. This could be emulated by seeing how the firemen in Fahrenheit 451 burnt books because they thought that they were of negative leadings.

Along with groups in favor of the v-chip and movie ratings, there are people who oppose them. Quite humorously, the same article President Clinton was in for the V-Chip and ratings had a quote stating, “One of the worst developments in American cultural history was the advent of the movie ratings system in 1968.” This quote was from Joseph Farah. The major group of V-Chip and rating opponents is the youth of today, and some philosophists who believe

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