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Future of Respiratory Therapy

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Essay title: Future of Respiratory Therapy

Future of Respiratory Therapy

By entering the field of respiratory therapy, one is entering a growing field of opportunity. There are continually emergent job opportunities in this field whereas there is also a rise of growth in the technology and developments in the field such as medicines, techniques, and other aspects.

Respiratory therapy refers to both a subject area within clinical medicine and to a distinct health care profession. During the 20th century, there were many health care fundamental transformations. Here are 10 possible predictions of what may occur in the future of respiratory care: (1) Less focus on raising PaO2 as a primary goal in managing patients with acute hypoxemic respiratory failure. (2) More attention to the adequacy of tissue oxygenation in such patients, irrespective of PPaO2, and the emergence of “permissive hypoxemia,” analogous to permissive hypercapnia, in managing them. (3)

Smarter monitors that display information less but process it more, while interacting directly with ventilators and other devices to modify therapeutic interventions. (4) Increased use of and expertise with noninvasive ventilation, with a corresponding decrease in intubations and complications, in treating patients with acute exacerbations of COPD. (5) Increased use of triage in the intensive care unit, including earlier determination of the appropriateness of maximal supportive intervention. (6) Greater use of protocols in patient assessment and management, in all clinical settings. (7) Increased awareness of, expertise in, and resources for palliative care, with a more active and acknowledged role for respiratory therapists. (8) Accelerating progress in smoking cessation and prevention, and in early detection and intervention in COPD, led by the respiratory care profession.

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