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Galileo, Life Outline

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Essay title: Galileo, Life Outline

Galileo Outline

I. Galileo Galilei’s Life

==> Galileo was born in Pisa, Italy on the 15th of February in 1564

==> He was the first of six children born to Vincenzo Galilei and Giulia Ammanati

==> With schooling Galileo became fluent in both Latin and Greek, as well as his native Italian.

==> Galileo was pressured to go into medicine by his father, although he probably would have preferred to be a painter.

==> Galileo began studying medicine at the University of Pisa in 1581, but soon thereafter switched to mathematics, which he believed was his true calling.

==> After he had studied mathematics in great depth he taught the subject in Florence and Siena

II. Galileo and 16th/17th Century Politics

==> Galileo strongly believed in the Copernican heliocentric system which was highly controversial during the Romans Inquisition

==> While Galileo was teaching mathematics in Florence he was summoned and interrogated by the Roman Inquisition

==> His defense of Copernicus’ system led him to condemnation in 1633

III. Galileo’s Ramp Experiment

==> In his ramp experiment, Galileo demonstrated gravity on a more measurable scale than dropping things from buildings

==> We (in class) proved Galileo’s equation that D=t^2 be doing the ramp experiment

==> We

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