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Gap Analysis: Global Communications

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Essay title: Gap Analysis: Global Communications

Gap Analysis: Global Communications

In this Gap analysis Global Communications is having problems communicating within its company. The company wants to approach two new directions, first an alliance with a wireless provider and second cost cutting measures. The market is very competitive and they are losing market shares. In this Gap Analysis the issues and opportunities confronting this company are presented, followed by the ethical dilemmas faced by the stakeholders, and the company's end state vision. Also this gap analysis includes the Global Communication Company situation from its present position to its future goals globally in the communications industry. Finally the conclusion will recap the company's issue and direction.

Situation Analysis

Issue and Opportunity Identification

Global Communication is trying to work with the Union and its employees to negotiate a team plan to maximize the best outcome for the company and their employees. "Communication is the glue that holds people together. It helps people to satisfy their drive to bond, and as part of the dynamics of social support, ease work related stress." (McShane Steven, 2005) Global Communications has not fully examined the effects of the cost cutting plan affecting the current employees and the Union that is affiliated with the company. The senior team plans to improve profitability at an international level, which will induce layoffs. The senior team must communicate their plan to the Union and its current employees for an optimal effect on the company and its future business.

The Board members are concerned about diminishing returns and company competition. The fact that telecommunications companies are under economic pressure has caused a change in philosophy for Global Communications. Global has the ability to improve their return and create growth for the company. With a new company philosophies Global can take advantage of creating new values and commitments for their employees. Global has a chance to overcome the barriers for communicating their approach. They are in an optimal time to communicate and practice the open exchange of information among employees, partners and customers through out the company.

Global Communications has partnered with a satellite company to offer new products. The hope is to create new markets and create more revenue. Katrina Heinz was hired as the new Chief Executive Officer to increase revenue and profit through a more globalization approach. Communicating her approach professionally could break barriers toward the achievement of this goal. The companies hope is to increase revenues through negotiations and win the approval of all the stakeholders. Union negotiations with Global Communication have led to cuts in the health and educational benefits for their employees.

Stakeholder Perspectives/Ethical Dilemmas

The Board members for Global Communications are interested in the revenues and profits of the company. The Boards main motive is personal gain and therefore they are motivated to approve a strategic plan to globalize the company. They love the idea to move some of the call centers to India and Ireland to reduce cost by 40%. Ethical decision making is not in the best interest of the board members. This political value will conflict with the unions and the employees' perspectives.

Andre Mustov President Technologies Workers Union feels that Global has not left any room for negotiations on their strategic plans. He is hoping to negotiate for common ground and a win-win situation. His main dilemma is that Global has not been fair and truthful with the union and this has caused tension between the Union President and the company. Also, Maria Antez Vice President Technology Workers Union feels that all avenues should be looked at first and that the company should see them as a partner. She wants to be kept in the loop of what is actually happening before she is made to look bad in front of the Union members. She is concerned about contract manipulation. She feels that the company is being unethical. Integrity, Honesty, and Accountability are the values that motivate Maria.

Employees have been kept out of the loop and have agreed to health and educational benefit cuts. The Union is there main resource for communications with the company. Employees' will value fairness, social responsibility, honesty, integrity when a decision is made, but Global has not communicated this. The company is still trying to figure out an optimal way to communicate a decision that has already been made.

Katrina Heinz Chief Executive Officer was hired to increased profits and revenue with a globalize approach. She pressured to turn around the business and move into an international

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