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Gap Analysis: Global Communications

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Essay title: Gap Analysis: Global Communications

Gap Analysis: Global Communications

Global Communication is experiencing major problems with the increase in competition and rapidly advancing technology. GC has three concerns; decreasing stock value, increased competition and lack of diversified services it can supply to consumers. In order to compete and survive a company must maintain a fair market share. This involves new products bought about through research and development, extensive marketing and garnering a market niche. All these things are not cheap! The issues that further complicate the situation are recent cuts in benefits, pending layoffs and lack of communication with the union. This report will highlight the gaps which exist in Global Communications Corporation. The Gap analysis will determine GC’s current dilemma and suggest opportunities for the satisfaction of the majority of stakeholders. Team United will perform a gap analysis, preparing an analytical report covering the issues and identify the opportunities, stakeholder perspectives /Ethical Dilemmas, End-State Vision, Gap Analysis and the Conclusion in which, team United will offer the recommendations on how best to potentially solve the problems which Global Communications is experiencing.

Situation Analysis

Issue and Opportunity Identification

Team United downloaded and printer the scenario: Global Communication from rEsource to define the problems Global Communication was facing. In Problem Solving: Using Tools, Processes, and Creative Approaches DeJanasz, Dowd, Schneider states (2002):

Organization faces problems or opportunities on a daily basis. Those firm that take a disciplined approach to problem solving, clearly defining the problem, identifying potential and creative solutions, selecting solutions based on appropriate criteria, and creating a detailed plan to implement the solution are likely to succeed and prosper (DeJanasz, Dowd, Schneider, 2002, p.409).

The scenario reveal there was tremendous demands to turn around the business

economically. The scenario Global Communication has several issues to confront. The fist issue is “the stock price decrease more than a 50 percent within a three year period. The scenario indicted that the stock trade was at $28 per share; today, the stock market value at $11, a very big different. “(Anonymous, 2008). The second issue affecting Global Communication is competition. The Technology is growing rapidly which Global Communication has not paid attention to this issue. The competition has driven the newest equipment available to the customers and Global Communication has not done anything to update their inventory with the latest innovation technology. Global Communication competition is “cables companies” who step in the market with the latest equipment. No company can sustain itself in a well-developed market without making changes. Because of the competition within the telecommunications industry, Global Communications has had to deal with its shortfalls in regard to stock prices. A sound strategic plan offers the ability for Global

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