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Generosity at Christmas

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Essay title: Generosity at Christmas

Generosity is defined as "the trait of being willing to give your time and money.” It's all around us, in our schools when someone holds the door open. It's in our streets when another person stops and lets you in the traffic. The one season that I see generosity the most is at Christmas. There's something extraordinary about generosity at Christmas, it's the season where everyone helps, shares, and gives.

To begin with, giving a hand to someone is an important part of being generous. The first part of the Christmas season is decorating the house. My sister, Brandi, and I always go out with our step dad, Allan, and assist him in getting the right Christmas tree. When we get home, our mother will have all the decorations out, waiting for us to help her with the decorations. When we go shopping my sister usually needs my advice deciding on what to get for Allan. I'll usually give her some ideas even if they were what I was going to get for him. The last thing we do to prepare for Christmas if all the Christmas baking. Normally, my mom will make the cookies, Brandi will make the seafood dip, and I will make the brownies. With all the preparations that need to be done we all make sure we help each other out and work as a team.

Although helping is an important part of generosity, so is sharing. When our family exchange presents around the Christmas tree we take turns. After they are opened we will see what each other we will see what each other got and usually exchange some of our stocking stuffers. When we go over to our grandparent’s house we always exchange food. My mom always makes sure that we do a lot of Christmas baking so there would be enough for the whole family. When we have Christmas dinner everyone in the family brings some type of food like stuffing, mashed potatoes or carrots. As a result, we sometimes get three types of stuffing and it's not so much work for

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