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Essay title: Globalization


There are several factors affecting the range of cultures around the world. The primary factor affecting such cultures is known as globalization. “Globalization is the worldwide impact of industrialization and its socioeconomic, political and cultural consequences on the world.” Globalization began with the expansion of the western industrial societies into the non-western societies. (Scupin 300) Today globalization continues by means of mass communication and transportation, internet, television (mass media), and the expansion of multinational corporations such as World Banks, WTO, WAL-MART, and fast food restaurants including McDonald’s which is found almost, if not already, in every country. Analyzing the after shock of the terrorists’ attacks of September 11th, 2001, globalization brought many effects into the world that led to the alteration of various cultures such as economic, and religious changes.

Looking back a few decades, we can see that many indigenous people from countries in Latin America were greatly affected due to globalization. For example, the Yanomamo underwent a huge death rate in 1987 that was caused by the Gold rush that led to the settlement of thousands of prospectors in the Yanomamo territory. The Yanomamo had a number of clashes with the prospectors that caused many deaths. “In 1993 gold miners massacred the Yanomamo men, women, and children.” (Scupin 313) This death rate certainly affected the tribe since it decreased their population, which gives ease to any type of change in the certain society.

Today, according to the Globalist, the steady unpredictable terrorist attacks and the harrowing, but fruitless “alerts” left the United States demoralized. That was the belief of many people, but for American involvement abroad, the terror campaigns would never have happened. The economy has been one of the most affected since a large amount of it was used to attack and begin, what the president called “war against terrorism.” The slow recovery from the 2001/02 recession had encouraged protectionist barriers to trade.

Wal-Mart has been gaining the reputation of being the super mega retailer store, which causes many small businesses to die as soon as it moves into town. Even though Wal-Mart is a popular retailer store because it is known to have low prices for the merchandise, which is good for the customers but not good for those

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