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Good Essay Om Fiction

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Essay title: Good Essay Om Fiction

Freud Will is impulsive due to ego and superego functioning/ has a weak superegoWill is motivated by unconscious feelings of abandonment and love (by parents/guardians) so he doesn't go with Skylar to CAAdult characteristics of phallic fixation:- sabatoges relationship with skylar- doesn't strive for success in challenging or powerful careerDevelopment:- oedipal desires "resulted" in abandonment by parents (his feelings for his mom caused his experiences)- unable to resolve oedipal complex- continues to struggle with guilty feelings about competition and successRelated Personality features:- weak superego (because unresolved oedipal complex) -excessive aggression -inability to abide by societies laws-

Horney Moving away type with prominent features of moving againstCharacteristics of moving away:- need for privacy -will lives alone in apartment -avoids therapy like the plague -"the detached person repels therapy because it represents intrusion" - lies to skylar about his family to keep her at a distance- need for independence - panic when asked to join NSA - asks skylar to get caramels not coffee to not follow social conventions- need to avoid emotional connection with others - will uses books as a way of being emotionally unattached to the real worldCharacteristics of moving against type:- aggressive stance to fight and win- aggressive relationships

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