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Greatest Puppeteer of the World

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Essay title: Greatest Puppeteer of the World

Who or what controls you? "The power of man has grown in every sphere, except over himself". Power can be seen from politicians, celebrities, religious leaders, everywhere, even in friends. It is seen in different forms. Power, so strong, influences people on how they act and talk. Certain influences stay and get engraved on people's minds and characteristics. Power gives them more money and fame. They practice their talent to gain more power. One acquires power by their fame, abundant money, and extraordinary talent.

Fame, also called popularity gives most people power. Celebrities uses this to gain power. They start in commercials to gain fame, popular enough grants them a ticket to Spielberg's studio. American Idol made Kelly Clarkson famous. No one cares about Britney Spears until "Ooops I did It Again", now people copy how she dresses and acts. The power they acquire continues to grow to influence more and became more famous. Politicians need fame to influence people. A country for the people and by the people requires fame to gain power over them. CNN and other news channels always talk about ratings of the president because fame is mandatory for influence and control. They use their speeches, through their power, to influence people. The most pervasive religion is Catholicism. It is so because of its fame. The power of religion overlooks science or facts. In the old times, Catholic leaders "excommunicate" scientists that contrast to their teachings. Catholic leaders excommunicated Galileo Galilee for disagreeing to their teachings and preaching the truth about

the world. The followers believed their leaders and rejected the fact in exchange for their faith.

Control also known as power, needs money to grow or continue. To manipulate business and have power over your competitors deals with great money. Andrew Carnegie monopolized

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