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Healthy Eating

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Essay title: Healthy Eating

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not only a necessity for a longer life, but it will also guarantee a consistent energy flow. In this day and age, nutrition has been lax and the repercussions are evident in international obesity rates, health problems, and causes for death. Therefore, maintaining a nourishing routine can be the key to healthier and more successful life.

According to my personalized my current height is 5.5 feet (167 cm) and my weight is 111 lbs. (50 kilo). (Please review my intake chart versus recommendation on the next page.) Due to the fact that I attempt to regularly record my food intake, I on average consume around 1,200 to 1,500 calories a day. The recommended calorie range suggested by is of 1,800 calories. It is evident that the loss of 300 to 600 calories could be an explanation in my fatigue crash early in the evening. Also, according to my pyramid the reduction of calories could also result in weight loss; as I am currently in very good shape the loss of any more weight could lower my body mass index rate.

According to my pyramid, my average protein & carbohydrate levels are slightly above the recommendation. However, my fiber intake is less than half and my fat intake is almost more than half of the suggested range. Although I am not consuming a large amount of unhealthy foods, sugar is my weakness; my healthy nutrient advisable range is very unbalanced. As a hypoglycemic my food choices can, and do, affect my health and daily energy levels.


Your Intake Recommendation or

Acceptable Range

Food Energy/Total Calories (kcals)

1263 1800

Protein (gm)

51 46

Carbohydrate (gm)

154 130

Total Fiber (gm)

11 25

Total Fat (gm)

51.2 28.1 - 49.1

Saturated Fat (gm)

22.6 < 14

Monounsaturated Fat (gm)

17 **

Polyunsaturated Fat (gm)

7 **

Linoleic (omega 6) (gm)

6.5 12

Alpha Linolenic (omega 3) (gm)

0.9 1.1

Cholesterol (mg)

129 < 300

Vitamin A (mcg RAE)

520.2 700

Vitamin C (mg)

60 75

Vitamin E (mg a-TE)

2.2 15

Thiamin (mg)

1.4 1.1

Riboflavin (mg)

2.1 1.1

Niacin (mg)

19.9 14

Folate (mcg, DFE)

231.3 400

Vitamin B6 (mg)

0.9 1.3

Vitamin B12 (mcg)

2.6 2.4

Calcium (mg)

1165.9 1000

Phosphorus (mg)

1008.8 700

Magnesium (mg)

298.8 310

Iron (mg)

7.8 18

Zinc (mg)

6.4 8

Selenium (mcg)

63.9 55

Potassium (mg)

1897 4700

Sodium (mg)

3154 1500 - 2300

Taking hypoglycemia into account, this could explain my crashing fatigue during the early evening, my tendency to get sick quicker than others, irregular shaking fits due to lack of nourishing energy, and occasional thinking blocks while working. Numerous excuses can be offered for the lack of self – care. However, one

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