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Hip Hop Peace

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Essay title: Hip Hop Peace

HIp Hop today ig growing all over the world. Hip Hop is at it's highest stand-pointas we speak.But one question comes along with this scenerio,and thats it's violence.Many hip hop artist today deal with the violence in the streets and shows. there are too many young people who watch these videos and take heed to whats going on in these videos with females shaking the butts. it is definitely

not good for the children of today.we need more rappers like run dmc, eric b and rakim and all those other old school rappers. slick rick was dope too.Jay-z is nice. i think he speaks of peace and cars and clothes but then again thats what we want to

hear u heard. but what do u like to hear? is it violence? i personally dont like the violenece in today's music.we need to stay away fromm all that jazz. public enemy is one of the greatest known all over. these bloods

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