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The Art of Hip Hop

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Essay title: The Art of Hip Hop

The art of hip-hop is taking verbal assualts from every angle in America, from being the main cause of violence among teenagers in lower class communities to being the promoter of drugs and sex elsewhere in the world. With crime rates constantly on the rise on a day to day basis the media and politicians have decided to point the blame on one of the most urban form of expression amongst teenagers. The hip-hop culture has been around for a long time, now the focus is hip-hop and it’s contribution to violence amongst our society, especially our teens, but one rap artist said it best, “Scarface the movie did more than Scarface the rapper did to me,” now I ask you, is rap music the culprit?” People, think that gangster rap, more importantly the lyrics have a major effect on children in the communities and that it promotes violence. The words that rap artist use may not be suitable for everybody to listen to but each has a choice in what they listen to. The abusive language and rise of violence found in most gangster rap songs are what we are faced within society that many people have failed to deal with so they just push the issue under the rug and and focus on an issue that either they don’t understand or that they feel strongly against for whatever reason. Some talk about the violence of gangster rap music, comparing it to what we see on television there is really no comparison. Violence is not going anywhere and will be here even when rap is gone whether it is on television, radio or in real life. Why people blame rap music is still a question that makes me wonder? Magazines are being sold in nearly every store far worse than anything ever put on cd. Movies are not alone innocent either, whether it be on regular television or cable, all you have to do is turn the knob.

“I can admit that there are some problems in hip-hop, but it is only a reflection of what is taking place in our society. Hip-hop is sick because America is sick.” (David Banner, a rapper who records for Universal Music). Because rappers write about things and situations that they are someone close to them have been through they are now the focus of crime in America. Many youth today have a love for this type of music that combines beats with heart felt lyrics to make songs that are actually necessary to open up some people eyes. Rap lyrics are about the problems that many ghettos of America or going through, and instead of turning the other cheek rappers are putting them out not trying to create more violence but instead show everyone what is going on in the urban communities. These are problems that many within the rap circle believe are being ignored by white America. Rappers don't just walk on stage and talk off the top of their heads, the songs are a part of what they are seeing day to day. Many people want to target certain rappers' and outcast them because them they selves actually see truth to the message. What is it about rap music that people find so intimidating? Is it the language, racist lyrics, or the truth that people are scared of? As with most things the more popular it becomes, with the black race the more criticism that it is sure to receive says some. Truth be told though there are positive things that rap music has in its history, both past and present and some are taking notice. If America was non violent then there would be no hardship for the rap community whatsoever. Rap music is a form of entertainment and should not be used as a scapegoat for a situation brought on by people who believe that it is right to invade other countries for greed. People make choices and decisions for themselves and placing the blame is simply the easy way out, lets take a step backward and blame the parents and then blame society for taking all chances at a pleasant life out of our hands. Those who are against the so called gangster rap must really take a look at America and its leaders starting with the president all the way back down to the leaders of their community. Rap music just gives outsiders a brief picture of what is going on in the inner city. It is a form of entertainment that simply tells you the cold facts that many would rather pretend did not exist because then that would mean they would have to attempt to fix the situation. Rap music is above all is the culprit when it comes to the things that are wrong within the black community regardless if it is the truth or not, but what about another form of entertainment, one called “ Rock -n- Roll.” When one listens to this form of so called art does one not hear many references to suicide or drug use among their circle. "The message of heavy metal is that there is a higher power in control of the world and that power is violence—often violence presided over by Satan (Thomas L. Jippings)." Before there was gangsta rap, there

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