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Essay title: Holiday

D rough week is finali done and over with! to rush of adrenalin to meet deadlines and homeworks and test and many other things................finali, this has got to stop!

i declared my own holiday for this thursday coz im goin home tomolo...i decided to turn my back onto 1 more day of torture...mmm, im luvin it. I can feel myself breathing more easily like wonderbra, i can feel my head became light like KAKA, i can feel my spirit soar as high as roti tisu...

my fren invited me and my housemate to go to a pasar malam tonight tat starts around 12am and according to my fren, every1 wears like-they-are-going-clubbing attires to this pasar malam....while my housemate stands beside me n nodded his head til d screw on his neck came rather interested to go n take a look but skeptical with my fren's description. I dun really trust someone who check on any girls....i mean really juz ANY gals....!!!

Juz finished my test, so i guess i sud hit back to main road and indulge in lots and lots of tv!! to tell u guys out there the truth, since the beginning of this semester, i've hardly watched any tv. i let go of 'jewel in the palace', 'desperate housewives' and many more..i've only managed to watch a handful of 'full house',

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