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How Does the Length of a Wire Affect Its Resistance?

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Essay title: How Does the Length of a Wire Affect Its Resistance?

How does the length of a wire affect its resistance?


This first report in Physics will show the investigation of how the length of a wire affects its resistance. For starters I will go through the main definitions, to get a better knowledge of what is going to happen. However I will plan it out first to show each step of how I started, and then go into detail about the results and what the investigation on a whole has showed me. I shall then conclude my findings and present them with tables and graphs saying what we discovered. There will also be an evaluation at the end explaining what went wrong and the experiment could have been improved.

This report on resistance should be easy to get through but the difficult area in my opinion will be to get the results accurately and displaying the different findings. I am working in a Group of 4 including myself and working in a team together should help us get an accurate output. I intend to work according to plan when the main investigation has started. This experiment has two sections which have to be carried out in order to get the correct results:

Preliminary work: Find out which wire is the best insulator?

Main experiment: How does the length of wire affect its resistance

Ohms Law:

Electric circuits are designed to transfer just sufficient energy to operate the components in the circuit. The potential difference across the components (and the current through them), are carefully controlled by the resistance in each part of the circuit:

The relationship between potential difference, current and resistance was discovered by a German physicist, George Ohm, in 1826. The relationship is known as Ohms Law and can be demonstrated experimentally as we are doing in this investigation. It states that the current through a metallic conductor is directly proportional to the potential difference across its ends, providing the temperature

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