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How Will Completing This Course Improve My Resume?

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Essay title: How Will Completing This Course Improve My Resume?

How will completing this course improve my resume?

Completing Business 101 will further improve my struggling resume by putting me one step closer to completing a dream that started eight years ago. It will allow me to remove any other education references I have listed on my resume. I will be able to replace my current three with only one; University of Washington, Bachelors in Business Management with special detail in Event Planning. This course will also give me a stronger idea of how teams or departments inside a business work to make it run.

Receiving a bachelor’s degree in Business Management has been to plan from the start. When I graduated from high school eight years ago I went to my second choice school to pursue my degree. I cannot say for sure why I turned down Johnson and Wales, my number one, but I did. Going to Central started a spiral of life events that so far have given more education that I could have ever learned in four. After leaving Central after what can only be called a disappointing academic first year, I came home, moved out, and got a job. Danzas Worldwide (aka DanzasAEI International) gave me my kicking off point. I got a temporary position as an accounting clerk, which quickly turned fulltime. After two years, Danzas looked like it was going to head south; I went through a placement agency and got hired on at Premier Lease and Loan (PLLS). My life has never been the same. I fell in love, times two. I met my husband and realized what I really wanted to when I “grew-up.”

At PLLS I was part of a company moral team, Premier Connections, which planned the annual Christmas party, summer picnic, and much more. Being part of Premier Connections is where I realized I wanted to plan/coordinate for a living. I loved the detail of it; the numbers, the 500 little things, and the feedback at the end. Shortly after leaving PLLS, I planned my wedding, which just further cemented my desire to coordinate as a career.

Also by completed Business 101, I will have a greater knowledge of how a business works and the language it uses. I have learned several

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