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What Is a Resume

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Essay title: What Is a Resume

A resume is a professional advertisement about yourself that describes what you have done in the past into what you aim to do in the future. It should be clear and influentially display your qualifications and set you apart from the competition. “Why the employer should hire you, is the main question that must be answered. If it does not, then you have only given your potential employer a fine reason to drop you from consideration.

Many people misguidedly believe that the resume is the most important part of the job search. The resume’s function is to “sell” the job seeker to the prospective employer. In fact, the best effective selling tool the job seeker has is himself of herself. A resume is basically a screening device which employers use to determine whom they will or will not interview.

Your resume is both a vehicle of communication and a demonstration of how you communicate. Both what you say and how you say it is important. It is up to you as a responsible communicator to make sure the reader gets the right message. The resume and its cover letter should be examples of your best

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